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Cheap Travel Tips?! I'm in!

Everyone wants tips on cheap travel. There's a few ways to go about it, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. But I just search search search. There is no outlandish secret to finding cheap travel, I think it is all about playing the game, being flexible, and willing to visit any destination, within reason of course.

Tip #1 - Flexibility

Be flexible on the dates and destination. It is usually cheaper to fly in the "off-season". But, if you are dead set on going over summer be flexible with the destination. Google flights has a nice map feature where you can look at most major airports and determine what city or country you can fly to, for the cheapest. (I also have a subscription to It is usually fairly easy to fly country to country in Europe or even add the experience of taking the train. For example, I was dead set on going to Ireland this summer, but flights were $800+ at the time. I then found a flight for $600 to Denmark and decided thats where im starting, then flew to Ireland for $40 to continue on with my trip. Yes eventually you have to make your way back to Denmark for your return flight, but if you want to do multiple countries on a trip, the difference in price isn't notable.

Tip #2 - Neighboring airports

Find a major international airport that you can fly out of. Some airports are horrible for international deals and travel. I'm based out of Phoenix, and I rarely search out of PHX airport. Try searching LA, Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, and New york. Doing this, helps reduce the amount of flights the airlines has to combine for you. Less convenient for you, but also can be cheaper in the long run.

Example: Found a flight 10:30 pm Chicago to Copenhagen. Next I have to search for a flight PHX to Chicago that gets me there by 7 pm, that way I have time to "check out of Chicago", get my bags, find the international terminal and re-check in. Again, less convenient, but comparing it to PHX- Copenhagen, I saved well over $600.

Tip #3 - Free Flight

So I've booked a flight out of Chicago, but now I have to buy a flight to Chicago from my home city for an other $150-$200? Not quite. This is where airline points come in handy. Every chance I get, I use my Southwest Credit card and rack points up all year long, that way I have a FREE flight to that city. If you don't have an airline card, find one you think you would like, I recommend Southwest and United, they all tend to have great sign up deals where you spend a certain amount of money in 3 months, and you get roughly 40,000 - 60,000 points. If you play your cards right that could amount to 3 or 4 single way tickets. Want a referral link to earn more points? Shoot me an email!

Tip #4 - Stays

For stays, I recommend Sometimes I venture over to Both have there perks, but my preference is You level up with them, you can achieve free upgrades, free breakfast and sometimes they pay around $10 or so of your booking.

I tend to stay in the city center of where I am traveling to, that way I am close to what I want to see or do, and the subway or train is close by as well. I like to keep my options open. I avoid try to avoid large chain hotels, and look at small local hotels, read reviews, and go with my gut. Though, from time to time, I know staying in a nice luxurious hotel for thee right price is worth it. Reviews tend to be accurate and I have yet to book a hotel, show up and hate it. Overall, my stays over the years have been what I have expected. If you are booking through be sure to use my affiliate link.


Like I said at the beginning, no outrageous travel hacks here. Just things over the years that i have done and have worked for me. People are always blown away by how many trips I have done, how many countries I have experienced and they tend to think it has costed an arm and a leg. Quite the opposite, just travel smart, and look for the deals. Check out our free itineraries here. Want something a little more specific to your needs and wants? Book our personalized consulting service here.



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