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Tips for Thailand (Phuket/Phi Phi Islands)

Tip #1 - Weather

Phuket has 2 seasons, hot and even hotter and don’t forget to factor in humidity. Stay hydrated, you will sweat, ALOT. So it is important to stay hydrated. Seek out water bottles, Gatorade or bring liquid IV. Don’t drink water from the tap, it will be uneasy on your stomach and ruin your trip! And rain. Rain is a factor & is sporadic. Check the forecast ahead of your trip, try to plan off days/resort days in rain days. The city keeps moving in the rain, so don’t be scared. Get a nice poncho and keep going.

Tip #2 - Transportation

Most of the locals we have met have been so kind and helpful. But, out of convince to yourself, download the app “Grab”. This was helpful in ordering taxis/cars and having a set price and not having to worry about bargaining, and the app has your location and driver info so it’s an added safety factor. Basically it’s Thailand Uber!

Tip #3 - Public Restrooms?

Something that came as a surprise to us.. there is not toilet paper in most public restrooms. Hotels absolutely. So do yourself a favor and bring flushable wipes, or something that can conveniently fit in your purse or backpack while you’re wandering through the cities and experiencing the culture.

Tip #4 - Hotels

Hotels and food are overall cheap here. You can either save money and eat local and stay nice, or you can spend a comparable amount of money and eat nice and stay really nice.

Example: Our hotel near the airport was nice, pool, bar, modern and was only $32 a night, plus we found a local fast food place and had dinner for $3 each.

Or, the hotel we stayed at for our 5 days in Phuket, on its own island, resort, pools, spa, amenities, activities, private pool was $100 a night, plus dinners on the resort for $30-$40 combined. Still not bad price wise (I think), but still more than what you could spend in most places in Thailand. We definitely splurged given it was our honeymoon.

Thailand was an overall amazing experience. This is one of those trips that we did so many new things, experienced different foods, cultures, and tours that it has left an ever lasting impact on us. If you would like to go on the same trip as us, check out the free itinerary here! Want something a little more specific to your needs and wants? Book our personalized consulting service here.

We often think, "should we move to Thailand"? Or maybe lets go visit again. I think we will for sure visit again, move there? I'd never count anything out with us.


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